Saturday, November 7, 2009

Speaking of blogs....

Not that we were, but since you're here reading mine, I'm guessing you probably know of a few other good book blogs (erm, a few good book blogs. saying "other" implies mine is good. Ha!)

I'm still reading I See You Everywhere and it's growing on me. I'm actually off to bed now because I'm too tired to even stare at the TV screen. Perhaps I'll squeeze in a few pages before my brain checks out completely and find myself more invested.

It's always disheartening when a book doesn't suck you in immediately, but how much of that is the writer's issue versus your own overblown sense of expectation. I feel that way about John Irving; since reading Prayer for Owen Meany, I have just not felt any of his work resonate in the same way. Not his fault. I just fell so deeply in love with that Owen Meany's story that nothing else Irving has created since has struck as much of a chord with me.

So, good book blogs? thanks!


Carol said...

Jen Lancaster turned me onto "Owen Meany." I know what you mean. I read his others before and since but haven't liked them as much except maybe "Garp." And they seem to have a lot of little odd similarities. Bears for one. I read about his latest and am not interested.

KMW said...

I read a recent John Irving book I liked a lot called Until I Find You. It was the first one since Owen Meaney that I found got me in page turner mode. I don't think anything is as good as Owen Meany, but it was nice to feel that way again since he does have a talent for writing.

I'm curious about this book because I also loved Three Junes. I have it, but I can't seem to pick it up.

I am reading a book I LOVE called The Tenderness of Wolves if you ever need a suggestion. It's been forever that I can honestly say I love a book. It's an english writer named Steff Penny.It came out a few years ago and takes place in the 1860's in Canada. Lots of snow. I love, love, love it.